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Optimise, evaluate & execute with 2024 best practices

2024 Social Media Strategy Optimisation & Instagram Marketing Masterclass

Learn how to maximise your social media strategy and unlock marketing gold on Instagram. Boost engagement, create killer video content, increase organic reach, drive even more ROI with influencer marketing, and explore the latest social ad innovations.

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What you will learn

  How to optimise your social media strategy for 2024 

  How to evaluate social media via pixels, ads manager & web analytics 

  How to unlock social algorithms to improve engagement 

  How to create high performing social ad campaigns that convert 

  How to optimise influencer marketing campaigns, to see real ROI 

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Course Outline

DAY ONE: 2024 Social Media Strategy Optimisation Masterclass

Digital Marketing Outlook, Trends & Forecasts For 2024

  • 2024 Social media marketing investment & usage trends 
  • Why social ad performance has nosedived
  • Why might privacy regulations slam ad targeting and evaluation again
  • Why growing ad automation is triggering advertisers
  • Why social networks are favouring on-platform conversions 
  • How “good” influencers can have their best year ever

Having A Purpose Rather Than Just ‘Doing’ Social Media

  • Why are we using social media, and what do we want to achieve?
  • What to do if you have conflicting objectives?
  • Running multiple strategies concurrently
  • Where and how to cut waste

Devising An Effective Social Media Measurement System

  • How to integrate social media reports, pixel data and web analytics?
  • What are the must-use performance metrics, and what are overrated?
  • How are Apple, Facebook, and Google changing the reporting game?
  • What is online attribution, and how has it changed in 2024?
  • What are the most popular conversions to track and measure?
  • How to prepare for the shift to Google Analytics 4?

Producing Killer Content People Love To ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’

  • How do social media algorithms work
  • How to grow organic reach
  • Why will organic video performance pick up in 2024
  • Why TikTok and YouTube hold the secrets to organic success
  • What are the best-untapped pockets of organic reach
  • What are the must-use tools for content creation
  • Why is messaging now an engagement goldmine
  • Social media copywriting essentials for 2024
  • Understanding what to promote vs what to push organically 
  • Leveraging personal brands on LinkedIn to win big

Creating High Performing Social Media Ad Campaigns

  • Why businesses need to stop “boosting posts”
  • Running ads properly via Ads Manager, etc
  • Making the most of Meta Business Manager for ads
  • Taking a more strategic approach to ad campaigns
  • Understanding and creating social ad funnels 
  • Appreciating the subtleties of differing ad objectives
  • Overview of key ad targeting opportunities
  • How to avoid and reduce social media ad fatigue
  • Creative tools and ad insights
  • Key ad optimisation techniques
  • Making the most of new Branded Content opportunities

DAY TWO: Instagram Marketing Masterclass

Instagram Evaluation Beyond Vanity Metrics

  • How to prove real business ROI from Instagram
  • Tracking Instagram performance with the Meta Pixel
  • How to assess Instagram with Google Analytics
  • Other useful tools and technology for measurement
  • How to effectively measure influencer marketing

Maximising Instagram Organic Reach Opportunities

  • How do the Instagram algorithms work?
  • How do Instagram algorithms differ from Facebook’s?
  • Key recent Instagram algorithm updates and changes
  • New strict community standards and platform guidelines
  • Copywriting best practice
  • Why is Instagram SEO increasingly important 
  • Underexploited Stories opportunities
  • How to make the most of Instagram Explore
  • Understanding platform policies around competitions and promotions
  • Community management and Direct Messaging (DMs)

Making Instagram Video Work Harder

  • How best to leverage video within Instagram
  • Understanding Instagram key video ranking signals 
  • Video formatting best practice
    – Organic video
    – Video ads
  • Instagram Reels best practices
  • Why ‘Creators’ still favour YouTube for video
  • Popular video editing and production tools
  • How to mine TikTok for Instagram ideas
  • Popular Instagram video features for boosting engagement  

Influencer Marketing: Less Ego, More Outcomes

  • Tools and techniques for influencer discovery
  • Working with macro and micro-influencers
  • Legal risks and pitfalls
  • Influencer disclosure best practice
  • Establishing contracts with influencers
  • Understanding Instagram Branded Content policies
  • Integrating Instagram ads and influencer campaigns

Instagram Ads Best Practices

  • Instagram ad benchmarks and performance insights
  • Best-performing Instagram campaign types
  • Important differences in Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns
  • Instagram ad targeting best practice
  • Unique Instagram ad targeting features
  • Crafting ad sequences across Instagram AND Facebook
  • Customising and optimising ad creative for Instagram
  • Setting up Branded Content ads with influencers



TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, Level 1/111 Harrington St
The Rocks NSW 2000


TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, 123 Queen St
Melbourne VIC 3000


TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, Level 24/215 Adelaide St
Brisbane City QLD 4000


TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, Level 4/205 Queen Street Auckland CBD 1010

Your SMK Instructor

James Fitzgerald
Executive Director of Programming, SMK

James Fitzgerald is the Executive Director of Programming at SMK. SMK is a specialist learning and development organisation which exists to help businesses use social media, mobile and digital channels more effectively. As Executive Director of Programming James is responsible for devising and developing all blue chip and corporate education programs.

James is one of the most widely respected figures in digital marketing in APAC, having educated over 15,000 senior business decision makers on how they can use these channels more effectively, including leaders from: United Nations, Air NZ, MYER, McDonalds, NAB, P&G, Tourism Australia, Ralph Lauren, Westfield and various Government departments, to name just a few.