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Free Lab – 2021 Facebook Marketing Masterclass – June 2021

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About this Lab

SMK’s 2021 Facebook Marketing Masterclass Lab was a FREE event for marketing communications professionals, agencies, not-for-profits and brands looking to stay at the forefront of digital disruption and marketing innovation.

The 2021 Facebook Marketing delved into the latest data and performance insights, unpicking platform and behavioural trends, brand new marketing features and identifying underexploited communications opportunities.

The Lab explored how to get more out of Facebook marketing in 2021; unravelling how to maximise organic reach, create better-performing ads, get more of Business Manager and navigating Apple’s latest privacy onslaught via iOS 14.

Facebook Lab Focus Areas

  1. What are the must-use Facebook marketing features in 2021?
  2. For those wanting to reduce Facebook marketing reliance, where should they focus?
  3. What are the best pockets of untapped organic reach?
  4. How has long-form video come to dominate the Facebook News Feed?
  5. What are the best ways for brands to unlock Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp?
  6. How are influencer campaigns evolving within Facebook in 2021?
  7. How Apple’s iOS 14 updates are slamming social marketing performance?
  8. What can businesses do to work around Apple’s privacy clampdown?
  9. Why the love affair with ad retargeting is ending?
  10. How is Google responding to iOS 14 and why is iOS 15 going to be worse?