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Free Lab – 2022 Social Media Trends – August 2022

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About this Lab

SMK’s Social Media Trends Labs are quarterly 📅 FREE events for marketing communications professionals, agencies, not-for-profits and brands looking to stay at the forefront of digital disruption and marketing innovation.

Social Media Trends Labs delve into the latest data 📊 and performance insights from the major social networks, unpicking platform and behavioural trends, and identifying underexploited marketing and communications opportunities.

August’s 2022 Social Media Trends Lab explored 🧠 how social strategy is evolving post-COVID and why a combination of platform updates, user quirks and even government regulation are changing the game in 2022. We examined:

1. What are the defining social media trends of 2022? 🤔
2. How and why is Instagram struggling with younger users? 😱
3. Why TikTok will have its biggest year yet? 🚀
4. Nearly a year after Apple’s iOS 14 updates, how are social campaigns tracking? ⬇
5. Why will video watch-time trump social engagement as a KPI in 2022? 🎬
6. How best to integrate social ads and influencer marketing? 💲
7. How and why will video dominate in 2022? 🎞
8. Why should businesses favour organic conversions over organic reach? 📈
9. Why is micro social ad targeting becoming a thing of the past? 😭
10. Why are some businesses favouring Google & YouTube over Facebook? 🎯

Social Trends Labs are facilitated by SMK’s Executive Director of Programming, James Fitzgerald. Connect with James on LinkedIn here: https://bit.ly/36VZtez

James is one of the world’s leading digital marketing educators and analysts, having trained 15,000+ senior decision-makers from the world’s largest organisations, brands and agencies.