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Free Lab – Instagram Decoded Playback – Oct 2020

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About this Lab

SMK’s Decoded Labs are quarterly FREE events for marketing communications professionals, agencies, not-for-profits and brands looking to stay at the forefront of digital disruption and marketing innovation.

Decoded Labs delve into the latest data and performance insights from the major digital platforms, with October’s session focusing on Instagram.

October’s Instagram Decoded Lab explored the following:

  1. Latest 2020 Q2 Instagram usage stats, marketing spend and performance benchmarks
  2. Why is Instagram still in Facebook’s shadow and likely to stay there
  3. How are TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest creating issues for Instagram
  4. Which industries over-index on reach and engagement
  5. Why Instagram isn’t effective for all organisations or verticals
  6. How and where is Instagram performance dropping in 2020
  7. Why is Instagram engagement, and social engagement more widely, an unreliable measure of success
  8. Moving beyond basic Instagram reporting and evaluation
  9. How to measure Instagram more meaningfully with Google Analytics
  10. How and why is “Share of Search” an important and underused Instagram branding key performance indicator (KPI)

SMK’s Instagram Decoded Lab aims to move beyond the digital hype and bluster of Instagram, a channel saturated with vanity metrics and ego, and all too often light on actionable business value.

Decoded Labs are facilitated by SMK’s Executive Director of Programming, James Fitzgerald.

James is one of the world’s leading digital marketing educators and analysts, having trained more than 15,000 senior decision-makers from the world’s largest organisations, brands and agencies.