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Strategy Course – Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Masterclass

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Testing & UX Best Practices.

  • Understanding CRO
    – How to develop an experimentation culture
    – Must-use tools for tracking and optimising digital marketing activity
  • Maximising CRO across owned, earned and paid media activity
    – Full-funnel thinking
  • Developing an effective data-driven approach
    – Web analytics
    – Social media tracking and pixels
    – CRM
    – Defining conversions
    – Understanding conversion attribution
  • Navigating the shifting privacy landscape
    – iOS 14 and beyond
    – New ways of thinking post-privacy

Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel & More.

  • Google Analytics (GA) Background
    – Code installation
  • GA Structure
    – Understanding properties
    – Using views
  • Conversion tracking
    – Setting up Goals
    – Event tracking
    – Privacy smackdown
  • GA 4
    – Opportunities
    – Set-up
  • Meta Pixel
    – Conversion tracking
    – Other social pixels
    – Modelled conversions

Conversion Rate Optimisation Testing, Experimentation & Data Analysis

  • Analysing conversion data
    –Why data isn’t all its cracked up to be
    –Metrics vs KPIs
    –Macro and micro conversions
  • Optimising user journeys to drive more conversions
    –Reducing friction
    –Collating quantitative and qualitative CRO insights
  • Testing
    –A/B testing
    –Multivariate testing
    –Understanding statistical significance in test data
  • What to test?
    –Formulating your hypotheses
    –Creating an experimental process

Owned, Earned & Paid Media Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies

  • Coming up with CRO ideas
    – Data analysis
    – Hypotheses forming
    – Prioritisation frameworks
  • Landing page optimisation
    – Optimising for user behaviour
    – Landing pages vs homepages
    – Visual hierarchy
    – The fold
    – Value proposition and copywriting
  • Email optimisation
    – Effective evaluation
    – Automation
    – Copywriting and design