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Strategy Course – Social Media Strategy Optimisation

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Social media landscape and trends

  • Social media landscape
    – Usage
    – Marketing investment levels
  • Facebook growth and challenges
    – Why diversification is a must
  • 2021 online video priorities
    – Big YouTube upside for brands
    – Why TikTok keeps Instagram awake at night
  • LinkedIn finally comes good
  • More niche marketing opportunities
    – Youth marketing on Snapchat
    – Consumer campaigns on Pinterest
  • Apple iOS 14 and the privacy clampdown

Strategic Thinking, Planning & Evaluation

  • Balancing strategic thinking with tactics
    – Avoiding overstretch
    – Having more of a longer term focus
  • Harmonising earned, paid and owned media
    – Compounding activity to drive better ROI
  • Evaluation and reporting
    – Native vs third party tools
    – Organic vs paid insights
    – Using Google Analytics
    – Maximising social media pixels
  • Social media reach or engagement?
    – Does engagement really matter?
    – Do small social echo chambers drive business outcomes?

User Engagement & Social Algorithms

  • Maximising organic and paid reach
  • Benchmarking performance
  • Understanding social algorithm principles
  • Ensuring content marketing blends into the feed
  • Authenticity
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Live video emphasis
  • Rejuvenating non-Live video
  • Social Stories
  • Reels vs TikToks vs everyone else
  • Inspiration
  • Idea generation

Social Media Amplification Via Ads & Influencers

  • Why businesses need to stop “boosting posts”
  • Running ads properly via Ads Manager, etc
  • Making the most of Facebook Business Manager for ads
  • Pros and cons of different social ad tools
  • Taking a more strategic approach to ad campaigns
  • Understanding and creating social ad funnels
  • Appreciating the subtleties of differing ad objectives
  • Overview of all ad targeting opportunities
  • How to avoid and reduce social media ad fatigue
  • Creative tools and ad insights
  • Key ad optimisation techniques
  • Identifying relevant and suitable social influencers
  • Drawbacks and risks with influencer marketing
  • How to run crossover influencer ad campaigns
  • Making the most of new Branded Content opportunities