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Strategy Course – YouTube Marketing: Organic & Paid Video Mastery

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YouTube overview and marketing opportunities

  • The history and background of YouTube
  • The importance of video right now
  • Innovations and developments at YouTube
  • Barriers to entry for Marketers
    – Role for video
    – Going viral
    – Performance campaigns
    – Video funnels
    – Brand safety
    – Production

Setting up for success

  • Preparing to get started on YouTube
  • Account set-up & channel creation
  • Uploading your videos.
  • Optimising your videos.
  • Understanding YouTube Analytics
  • Ads Manager integration
  • YouTube Google Analytics 4 crossover

YouTube video algorithms and content marketing

  • YouTube video production best practices
  • Must-use editing and production tools
  • YouTube SEO and keyword research
  • Copywriting tools and techniques
  • YouTube algorithm explained
  • Maximising video engagement
  • Working with YouTube influencers

YouTube video ad campaigns

  • Why YouTube ads?
  • YouTube campaign types
  • Video ad overview
  • Direct response versus brand campaigns
  • YouTube ad strategy
  • Ad targeting
  • Content targeting
  • Brand safety