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LinkedIn Tech Lab Overview:

LinkedIn Marketing Tech Lab Introduction
Examining LinkedIn Pages and an overview of their associated functionalities.

LinkedIn Page Features
Exploring the LinkedIn Page admin features – analytics, content planning, events and more.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager
An overview of LinkedIn’s ad tools, account creation and setting up conversion tracking, etc.

LinkedIn Insight Tag and conversion tracking
Exploring setting up essentially the LinkedIn Pixel – known as the Insight Tag. We will then dive into how to set up conversions for LinkedIn campaigns.

LinkedIn Event Tracking
Event tracking for conversion purposes – mainly centring on Google Tag Manager.

LinkedIn Ads Set-up
Technical walk-through of setting up an ad campaign within LinkedIn and all the corresponding considerations and decisions along the way.

LinkedIn Ads Campaign Objectives & Targeting
LinkedIn’s campaign objectives and targeting options. Exploring what’s similar to other social platforms (mainly Meta), what’s different, what’s underused, a waste of time, and more.
LinkedIn Ad Copy and Creative Options

Exploring ad copy and creativity within LinkedIn, discussing available ad formats and their respective merits.

The New LinkedIn Business Manager