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Digital Copywriting Masterclass: Social, Search & Web

Join SMK over 8 weeks throughout May, to elevate your digital copywriting game. Dive deep into crafting captivating content across platforms like social media, search engines, email, SMS, and the web. Master insider strategies to skyrocket engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Stay ahead with the latest trends, including cutting-edge AI-powered writing tools.

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What will you learn?

Multifaceted Digital Copywriting Mastery

Participants will learn how to navigate the complexities of digital copywriting across various platforms effectively. Including understanding the unique requirements of writing for social media, search engines, email and websites and how these can be harmonised to enhance overall digital marketing strategies. 

Social Media Content Mastery Across Organic and Paid Channels

Participants will master the art of creating optimised content for both organic reach and paid advertising on social media. The course will provide insights on tailoring content to various audience segments, maximising the effectiveness of organic posts, and designing targeted paid campaigns that complement organic strategies, ensuring a cohesive and powerful social media presence.

SEO Optimisation Proficiency

Attendees will gain a deep understanding of SEO essentials, from conducting keyword research to integrating these keywords into content that balances search engine visibility with readability. This ensures the creation of content that ranks well while providing value to readers.

Strategic Content Development

The course will cover strategic elements of digital content creation, including developing compelling email marketing content, structuring web content for optimal user engagement, and creating persuasive ad copy for PPC campaigns. Participants will also learn to apply A/B testing and analytics to refine content and enhance performance.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Copywriting and Future-Proofing Skills

The course will introduce participants to the innovative integration of AI-powered tools into the copywriting process, enhancing creativity and efficiency. Learners will explore how AI can assist in generating ideas, refining content, and automating repetitive tasks, thereby future proofing their creative skills and staying ahead in the digital content landscape.


Course Overview

The 2024 Digital Copywriting Masterclass is designed for marketers, communicators and content creators looking to enhance their digital copywriting across various platforms. This course offers a deep dive into creating engaging content for social media, search engines, email, SMS and web use.

From understanding the nuances between different types of digital writing to mastering Facebook and Instagram engagement and integrating visual content effectively, this course provides a thorough grounding in the strategies and techniques that drive online engagement and conversions.

Discover the latest trends, including AI-driven writing tools and advanced strategies, to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital copywriting landscape. Join us to elevate your writing, enhance your online presence, and drive real results in your digital marketing campaigns.

Detailed Course Breakdown


Introduction to Digital Copywriting

  • Overview of Digital Copywriting: Examine the role and impact of digital copywriting in marketing and communications, exploring how to overcome common roadblocks and obstacles for effective digital copywriting.

  • Differences Between Social, Search, and Web Writing: Learn the specific nuances of crafting content for various platforms, understanding how the demands of social media, SEO, and general web presence differ and overlap.

  • Key Trends for 2024: Identify the latest trends and developments in digital copywriting, including the rise of AI-powered tools, social media updates, shifts in SEO practices, and evolving content consumption patterns.


Crafting Compelling Social Media Content

  • Engagement Techniques: Master the art of writing engaging posts for major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, tailored to the unique characteristics of each.

  • Platform-Specific Styles and Expectations: Understand the distinct social algorithms, user expectations and content styles for each social media platform to enhance how content resonates and performs.

  • Visual Content Integration: Learn how to effectively pair visual elements with written content to maximise engagement and message clarity, including tips for using captions to complement visuals.


SEO Copywriting Essentials

  • SEO and Keyword Research: Dive into the fundamentals of SEO, including how to perform keyword research to target content effectively to the intended audience.

  • Enhancing Search Visibility: Explore writing techniques that improve a website’s visibility on search engines, focusing on how to naturally integrate keywords and optimise content.

  • Balancing Readability with SEO: Learn to craft content that not only ranks well on search engines but is also engaging and easy to read, ensuring a positive user experience.


Writing for Websites and Blogs

  • Effective Web Copy: Understand the principles of writing compelling web copy that drives conversions, focusing on tone, clarity, and call-to-action.

  • Content Structuring: Discuss how to structure content for optimal engagement and readability and how to maximise information architecture for both mobile and desktop users to maintain user interest.

  • Homepage and Landing Pages Best Practices: Review the best practices for crafting content for key website pages such as homepages, about pages, and landing pages to ensure they fulfil their business potential.


Email Marketing and Newsletters

  • Compelling Email Content: Develop skills for writing irresistible email subject lines and body content that capture attention and prompt action.

  • Personalisation Techniques: Implement personalisation strategies in email campaigns to increase relevance, open rates, and click-through rates.

  • Engagement and List Maintenance: Learn strategies for building and maintaining a robust email list, including engagement techniques to keep subscribers active and responsive.


Copywriting for Advertising and PPC

  • Persuasive Ad Copy: Create compelling ad copy for platforms like Google and Meta that captivates and converts. Explore how to scale ad copy, as well as essential time-saving techniques and AI tools.

  • A/B Testing for Refinement: Gain insights into conducting effective A/B testing to refine ad messaging, structure, and other elements to improve performance.

  • Ad Performance Analytics: Understand the key analytics and metrics behind ad performance to make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.


Content Strategy Development

  • Unified Content Strategy: Develop a cohesive content strategy that aligns with business goals across all digital platforms, ensuring consistency and effectiveness.

  • Measuring Success and ROI: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to measure content success and calculate ROI to continuously optimise content strategies.

  • Efficient Content Creation Systems: Discover how to streamline your content planning and workflow. Focus on setting up effective content calendars, establishing clear editorial guidelines, and maintaining a consistent content schedule to optimise productivity and align with your marketing objectives.


Advanced Copywriting Techniques

  • Engaging Multimedia Content: Explore strategies for creating interactive and multimedia content that enhances engagement and enriches the user experience.

  • Psychological Triggers in Copywriting: Utilise psychological triggers and emotional storytelling to create deep connections with readers and motivate desired actions.

  • Staying Ahead of Future Trends: Anticipate future trends in digital copywriting and prepare to adopt new tools, techniques, and platforms to maintain competitive advantage and innovation in content creation.

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Your SMK Instructor

James Fitzgerald
Executive Director of Programming, SMK

James Fitzgerald is the Executive Director of Programming at SMK. SMK is a specialist learning and development organisation which exists to help businesses use social media, mobile and digital channels more effectively. As Executive Director of Programming James is responsible for devising and developing all blue chip and corporate education programs.

James is one of the most widely respected figures in digital marketing in APAC, having educated over 15,000 senior business decision makers on how they can use these channels more effectively, including leaders from: United Nations, Air NZ, MYER, McDonalds, NAB, P&G, Tourism Australia, Ralph Lauren, Westfield and various Government departments, to name just a few.