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Elevate your Instagram marketing to drive significant business success in 2024

Instagram Marketing Masterclass

Join us as we explore Instagram’s evolution, address current challenges, and discover strategies for optimisation. Master brand storytelling, enhance engagement with diverse content types, and leverage AI tools to streamline content creation. Learn effective messaging tactics, build impactful influencer campaigns, and refine your advertising techniques. Plus, maximise sales with Instagram Shopping, seamless product tagging, and proven promotional strategies.

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What will you learn?

Strategic Alignment of Marketing and Business Goals

Learn how to closely align your B2B marketing strategies with your company’s broader business objectives to drive cohesive and measurable outcomes.

Master Content Marketing for B2B

Gain expertise in creating compelling content specifically designed for B2B audiences, enhancing visibility and engagement across digital platforms for brand building or lead generation.

Effective Use of CRM and Marketing Automation

Develop the skills to implement and utilise CRM systems and marketing automation tools effectively, optimising lead management and conversion processes for better customer relationships and sales efficiency.

Advanced Social Media Tactics for B2B Engagement

Master the use of social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook to build brand authority, engage with business clients, and leverage social selling techniques to drive B2B sales.

Analytics and Performance Measurement Skills

Acquire the ability to measure and analyse the effectiveness of B2B marketing campaigns using key metrics and KPIs, enabling continuous improvement and strategic decision-making based on data.


Course Overview

SMK’s 2024 B2B Marketing Masterclass is a comprehensive course tailored for marketing professionals aiming to advance their expertise in B2B marketing. This course covers essential strategies from social media to SEO, effective CRM practices and much more, ensuring participants are well-equipped to drive business growth and improve performance.

Join us for an in-depth exploration through eight engaging modules, where you’ll gain practical experience and expert insights into the latest B2B marketing trends and tools. Designed to enhance your skills and strategic thinking, this masterclass will empower you to navigate the complexities of B2B marketing, boost your professional capabilities, and deliver tangible results in your marketing campaigns.

Detailed Course Breakdown


2024 Instagram Trends and Challenges

  • Overview of Instagram’s Evolution: Explore Instagram’s growth and significant updates over the years, understanding how these changes shape current marketing strategies and user behaviour.
  • Key Challenges for Marketers: Identify the main challenges, such as rising costs, algorithm changes, and content saturation. Discuss effective strategies to overcome these obstacles and maintain a competitive edge.
  • The Rise of AI in Instagram: Examine how AI is transforming Instagram, from content creation to audience targeting, and explore the implications for marketers looking to leverage these new technologies.


Strategy, Planning, and Evaluation

  • Instagram Strategy Optimisation: Set platform goals that are aligned with business objectives, creating a clear and actionable strategy to guide content, engagement, and advertising efforts on Instagram.
  • Setting Objectives and KPIs: Identify and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success and ensure your Instagram marketing efforts are effective and impactful.
  • Account Optimisation: Understand how and why harnessing search engine optimisation (SEO) principles is a must. Use tools like Meta Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Meta Pixel to optimise your Instagram marketing.


Content Marketing and Community Engagement

  • Brand Storytelling: Define your brand voice and identity, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand presence on Instagram.
  • Content Types: Understand and utilise different content formats like Posts, Stories, Reels, and Lives to maximise engagement and reach on Instagram.
  • Engagement Strategies: Implement techniques for boosting engagement through likes, comments, and shares, using interactive content and competitions to drive participation and keep your audience engaged.


Video Production and AI

  • Visual Storytelling: Learn the principles of visual storytelling to create visually appealing and cohesive content that captures and holds your audience’s attention.
  • Utilising Reels and Stories: Discover creative ideas and effects for using Instagram’s video formats to engage your audience and maximise the impact of your video content.
  • AI Tools in Content Creation: Explore AI tools available for content creation and video production, learning how to streamline your processes and enhance your visual content.


Messaging and Threads

  • Instagram Direct: Understand the features and importance of Instagram Direct for building relationships with your audience and enhancing customer engagement through direct messaging.
  • Messaging Strategies: Implement effective organic and paid messaging strategies, including personalisation and automation. Explore the latest developments around Notes and Groups within Instagram.
  • Instagram Threads: Explore the rise of Instagram Threads and its current marketing applications, including influencer marketing, content marketing and community building.



  • Identifying Influencers: Learn criteria for selecting the right influencers for your brand, using tools to find and evaluate potential influencers effectively.
  • Influencer Campaigns: Develop clear objectives and strategies for influencer collaborations, structuring effective agreements to ensure successful partnerships and impactful campaigns.
  • Measuring Impact: Identify key metrics to track the performance and ROI of influencer campaigns, using data to evaluate and optimise your influencer marketing efforts.



  • Introduction to Instagram Ads: Explore different types of ads on Instagram, understand their benefits, and learn how to leverage them for your marketing goals.
  • Setting Up Ad Campaigns: Learn the step-by-step process of creating and managing ad campaigns, including setting budgets and bidding strategies to optimise ad performance.
  • Targeting and Retargeting: Define and segment target audiences, implementing effective retargeting strategies to reach users who have previously interacted with your content.



  • Instagram Shopping: Set up Instagram Shopping for your business and learn best practices for creating shoppable posts that drive sales and enhance the shopping experience.
  • Product Tagging and Catalogue Management: Implement effective product tagging strategies and manage product catalogues efficiently to ensure a seamless and engaging shopping experience for users.
  • Driving Sales: Use promotional techniques and integrate Instagram with other sales channels to boost sales, developing strategies to increase conversion rates and maximise revenue.

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Your SMK Instructor

James Fitzgerald
Executive Director of Programming, SMK

James Fitzgerald is the Executive Director of Programming at SMK. SMK is a specialist learning and development organisation which exists to help businesses use social media, mobile and digital channels more effectively. As Executive Director of Programming James is responsible for devising and developing all blue chip and corporate education programs.

James is one of the most widely respected figures in digital marketing in APAC, having educated over 15,000 senior business decision makers on how they can use these channels more effectively, including leaders from: United Nations, Air NZ, MYER, McDonalds, NAB, P&G, Tourism Australia, Ralph Lauren, Westfield and various Government departments, to name just a few.