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Deep dive into Meta's most lucrative opportunities in 2024

Facebook & Instagram Marketing Masterclass

Discover how to maximise your Meta marketing strategies and unlock marketing gold on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Messenger and WhatsApp. Explore the latest 2024 Meta product updates and unpack underexploited pockets of opportunity. Boost engagement, create killer video content, increase organic reach, drive even more ROI with influencer marketing, and explore the latest Meta Ads innovations. 

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What you will learn

 Optimise Your Social Media Strategies: Discover strategies to fine-tune your activity across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

✓  Maximise Organic Reach: Learn how to leverage Reels, Feed, Stories, and video content to enhance audience engagement.

✓  Master Messaging: Uncover the best organic and paid messaging tactics across Messenger, Instagram DMs, and WhatsApp.

✓  Create High-Converting Ads: Get up-to-the-second insights for developing Meta ads using the latest in ads automation and generative AI.

✓  Boost Your Influencer Marketing: Learn how to turbocharge your influencer marketing efforts on Instagram and Facebook.

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Course Outline

Facebook, Instagram & Messaging Content Marketing

2024 Meta Marketing Trends, Opportunities And Challenges

  • How do Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & WhatsApp usage stats and audience demographics vary?
  • Which areas of Meta’s marketing business are growing fastest and why?
  • What are the best-performing organic features across the Meta family of apps?
  • What are the fastest-growing advertising products?
  • Which Facebook and Instagram marketing features have gone off the boil and why?
  • How are Instagram and Facebook responding to TikTok’s threat?
  • How is Meta looking to leverage generative AI in its marketing suite?

Facebook, Instagram & Messaging Content Marketing Best Practices

  • How to maximise organic reach and exposure across Meta apps?
  • What are the essential Facebook and Instagram algorithm updates and changes?
  • Why is SEO increasingly important for discovery across Meta apps?
  • How to A/B test organic posts across Meta?
  • What are the latest 2024 Instagram creative and design trends?
  • How to create high-performing Reels?
  • How do long-form and short-form videos vary on Facebook?
  • What are the most popular video editing and production tools?
  • How to make the most of Instagram Explore and Facebook recommendations to boost organic reach?
  • How to revive flagging Stories across Instagram and Facebook
  • How to navigate Meta’s platform policies around competitions, promotions and influencers?

Meta Business Suite Account Optimisation 

  • Why does Meta Business Suite run rings around most third-party tools?
  • How to unlock the full power of Meta Business Suite?
  • What are the most popular Business Suite tools?
  • How to get more out of Business Suite for content marketing?
  • How to maximise Business Suite analytics and insights?
  • How to save hours each month creating Meta Ads?

Unlocking Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs & WhatsApp

  • How can businesses fully leverage messaging for marketing and comms?
  • What are the best organic messaging opportunities?
  • What are the must-use tools for managing messaging at scale?
  • How to integrate messaging with CRM systems and chatbots?

Meta Ads Optimisation & Branded Content Best Practices

Meta Advertising Strategy Evolution & Best Practices

  • How are Meta Ads strategies evolving in 2024?
  • What are the best-performing paid opportunities across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp?
  • How to balance brand building with performance marketing?
  • How are online privacy changes and AI impacting Meta Ads?
  • How is growing ad automation changing strategy planning?
  • How to maximise the Meta Pixel, CAPI and GA4 for advanced measurement?
  • Why are messaging and social video a must in 2024 for ads?
  • What are the best ads opportunities across Messenger, DMs and WhatsApp?

Instagram & Facebook Ads Creative & Copywriting  

  • What are the top social Meta Ads creative trends for 2024?
  • How to maximise ad copy across Facebook, Instagram and messaging?
  • How can advertisers better use AI in planning and managing Meta Ads?
  • What are the best tools for Meta Ads optimisation and testing?
  • How to maximise tools like ChatGPT for ad creation?
  • How to competitively benchmark your Meta Ads creative?
  • How to save hours on social media ad creation?

Meta Ads Campaign Optimisation & Innovation

  • How to unlock campaign automation?
  • Why are social networks favouring ads that support on-platform conversions?
  • How are advertisers leveraging instant forms for lead generation?
  • How and why should businesses be using Click-To-Message ads more?
  • What are the best ways to utilise “Call Ads” to drive more inbound enquiries?
  • How to fully optimise video campaigns across social apps?
  • How to maximise conversion APIs (CAPI) and offline data for optimisation?

Meta Branded Content & Working With Creators

  • What are Meta’s key Branded Content policies for influencer marketing?
  • How best to work with influencers across organic Instagram and Facebook activity?
  • How best to leverage influencer user-generated creatives in ads?
  • How to integrate influencer marketing with social ad strategies?
  • How to establish a network of high converting influencer talent?
  • How best to mitigate influencer fraud, pods and other issues?
  • How to navigate influencer agreements, licensing & legal disclosure in 2024?
  • What are the most popular native social media vs third-party creator tools?




DATE: 18 – 19 JUNE 2024
TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, Level 1/111 Harrington St
The Rocks NSW 2000


DATE: 27 – 28 JUNE 2024
TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, 123 Queen St
Melbourne VIC 3000


DATE: 16 – 17 JULY 2024
TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, Level 24/215 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


DATE: 22 – 23 JULY 2024
TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Karstens, Level 4/205 Queen Street
Auckland CBD 1010


DATE: 29 – 30 JULY 2024
TIME: 9AM – 3.30PM

Cliftons, 2/10 Moore St, Canberra
ACT 2601

Your SMK Instructor

James Fitzgerald
Executive Director of Programming, SMK

James Fitzgerald is the Executive Director of Programming at SMK. SMK is a specialist learning and development organisation which exists to help businesses use social media, mobile and digital channels more effectively. As Executive Director of Programming James is responsible for devising and developing all blue chip and corporate education programs.

James is one of the most widely respected figures in digital marketing in APAC, having educated over 15,000 senior business decision makers on how they can use these channels more effectively, including leaders from: United Nations, Air NZ, MYER, McDonalds, NAB, P&G, Tourism Australia, Ralph Lauren, Westfield and various Government departments, to name just a few.