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Instagram Extends Video Remix Option to All Videos, Not Just Reels

Instagram has announced some pretty exciting changes to the way content creators can use its Remix feature.

Previously, only short-form Reels could be remixed, but now creators can Remix any video uploaded to Instagram. Before you rush off and explore a back catalogue that just opened up, a word of warning: you can only use videos published from now on.

Remix won’t work with older content.

Exciting change

Alexandru Voica, Technology Communications Manager, EMEA, Meta

“We’re excited about how our community has embraced Remix on Reels and we hope this new feature gives people new ways to collaborate, showcase their creativity and find inspiration in the vibrant diversity of videos shared to Instagram every day.”

Allowing all video content to be used as a Remix will expand the amount of material creatives can use for their video content, allowing more responses and creative takes than ever before. It’s a clear shift to building out more participatory content on the site, which TikTok does really well.

What is Instagram Remix?

Remix is a feature that allows users to record a Reels video alongside a video posted by another user – which lets creators build out a library of content that interacts with others, provides reaction, collaboration or even highlights different trends.

Alexandru Voica, Technology Communications Manager, EMEA, Meta

“Remix gives you ways to respond to and reinvent the creative videos shared on Instagram every day, collaborate with others and get discovered by new audiences.”

A real opportunity for engagement

The move will allow brands to enter into new collaborations with influencers and content creators and will give them an avenue to extract more life from existing content. As it does that, brands will also see their options for engagement increase.

If brands are able to tap into the participatory nature of Remixes, it will prove to be a massive boost for engagement and could be a valuable tool to increase organic reach.

It’s pretty simple to use the feature. Go to any public Instagram video, hit the three-dot menu on the top-right corner of the screen, and choose ‘Remix this video’. From there, you can record or upload your remix from your camera roll.

You can remix part or all of the video and then share it as part of your Reels offering.
A word of warning: if you have your profile set to ‘public’, anyone can access your videos and use them in a Remix. If you don’t want this to happen, you’ll need to head to the ‘Reels and Remix Controls’ setting and toggle remixes for Reels and video videos off.

How can businesses use it?

Businesses could use Remix by collaborating with an influencer, who could take an initial product video and then provide a product testing video to run alongside it.

Additionally, a brand could partner with a creator, who might react to your branded content and share it with their audience. Tactics like that will help improve reach and could result in higher levels of organic engagement.

Remix will also allow brands to reach out to more users organically by repurposing their user-generated content for Reels.

Additionally, businesses could try the following:

  • Customer review. Try to reach out to customers with large social media followings and see if they’d be inclined to Remix one of your Instagram marketing videos with a positive review. Testimonial videos are a great way to spread the word about your content!
  • Competitor Remix. If it’s in your wheelhouse, why not Remix a competitor’s Reel with your own advert, or highlight areas in which your product is better or solves problems your competitor does not. Strategies like this can be risky, but if the tone is right, could be real winners.


As with most short-form video launches on Instagram, Remix shares many similarities with TikTok Duets. Both let users interact with a video from another user and give the platform more of an interaction-based feel.

Essentially, the only difference between the two is that Duets came first.

An excellent recent example over on TikTok is Pepsi’s TikTok duet campaign #PepsiChallenge.
The campaign has been a phenomenal success and has gained over two billion views – all with Pepsi’s branding in the front and centre.

The #PepsiChallenge encouraged fans to demonstrate their football skills alongside Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Shanice van de Sanden, and Jadon Sancho in a split-screen video.

To duet with one of the featured players, fans searched for #PepsiChallenge on TikTok and selected the player they wanted to pair with via the @PepsiGlobal TikTok channel.

Aman Matharu, Director of Digital Transformation & Marketing Capability for Global Beverages at PepsiCo

“At Pepsi, entertainment is at the heart of everything we do, and TikTok is the perfect platform for endless entertainment.

It’s also great for discovery, so we’re bringing the biggest players with the hottest new track to give fans a chance to express themselves with their idols. We can’t wait to see the creativity.”

On top of a fab idea, Pepsi’s entire duets campaign mechanic was well thought through and executed seamlessly across paid and unpaid channels.

For smart businesses wanting to leverage Instagram Remix fully, look no further than this crew doing a few keepups over on TikTok…

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