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[New Report] Post-Covid Consumer Content Trends

Parenting, travel, work and wellness in the spotlight 

As the world slowly emerges from the COVID hellscape we've been occupying for nearly two years, consumer trends and behaviours are changing. 

Pinterest's latest research report aims to identify such changes based on searches on the platform. It found that many people are suffering from conflicting emotions: they're excited about the return of lost freedoms but nervous about what that might mean.

Given Pinterest's roll is more akin to that of a search engine, over, say, a social network, its audience insights and trends act as a helpful barometer of underlying consumer trends, sentiment and demand than similar data released by others in the space.

As such, Pinterest's thought-provoking research reports can be applied at both the macro-campaign level to provide lead creative hooks or at a more granular level for angles and ideas for day-to-day content marketing.


"People developed new positive habits during COVID. They're proud of their personal growth. In fact, they're anxious they might lose these healthy routines once the hustle and bustle of life picks up again. That's where your brand comes in."

Based on conversations with platform users and searches they carry out, Pinterest says it has identified five new COVID 'personas':

  1. The Routine Ritualist
  2. The Prioritised Parent
  3. The New Nomad
  4. The Eco Evangelist
  5. The Emerging Entrepreneur

The Routine Ritualist

Routine Ritualists enjoy the stabilising force of routine, which helps them feel physically and mentally healthier. These folks have been searching for ways to keep their routines alive as the world returns to normal.

Their main search terms are

  • Workout routine at home (34x increase in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Soulfood sunday dinner ideas (22x increase in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Daily routine schedule for adults (6x increase in 2021 vs 2019). 

These terms are similar to the search increases Pinterest saw across men and Gen Zs in its last report- who wanted home workout routines and food to make them feel good.

Pinterest has an idea of how brands can reach out to these people, too.


"Help people incorporate their new positive rituals into busier and more public routines. For example, you could share tips for meditating in your car. When it comes to new products, think about ways to help people make things smoother or faster, like speedy meal prep tools."

The Prioritised Parent

According to Pinterest, COVID wasn't all bad. One of the benefits was reconnecting people with their immediate family members, and Prioritised Parents want to keep those bonds strong as they head back to the office and kids go back to school.

Main search terms are:

  • Cute mother daughter tattoos (up 93x in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Family dinner meals (up 34x more in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Movie night at home with kids (up 6x in 2021 vs 2019).

This aligns with what parents were searching for during the depths of lockdown, when searches for schedules for children at home and mental health activities for children skyrocketed.

Here's how brands and marketers can make the most of it:


"Help parents work more bonding and fun into their everyday schedules of carpools, drop offs and social events. You could create playpacks with little games to play while running errands, sell recipe kits to make mealtimes easier or come up with pre-assembled packages for the perfect movie night."

The New Nomad

Pinterest saw a wave of people reconnecting with the outdoors in the last 12 months, and the New Nomads took the time to upgrade their garden, go campaign or try out tramping.

New Nomad's search terms are:

  • Small backyard ponds (up 39x in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Dream vacations destinations (up 34x in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Road trip bag (up 12x in 2021 vs 2019).

COVID was a time to dust off the DIY kit and try to use the time as best we could, which is why searches for home improvement projects increased by 78% – says the previous Pinterest report. It looks like the age of DIY is truly upon us.

Here's how brands and marketers can make the most of it.


"Consider how you can position your products as the gateway to outdoor adventures. Auto brands could show how to tow a camper, or how to fit more gear in a smaller car. Meanwhile, home decor brands could help people design the perfect home garden, based on their personal specs and preferences."

The Eco Evangelist

Being at home has given Eco Evangelists a fresh perspective on consumption. These people took on new, more sustainable behaviour during the pandemic and want to keep going with this way of life. Eco Evangelist's search terms are:

  • Sustainable lifestyles (up 10x in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Raw vegan recipes for beginners (up 8x in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Smart home design (up 2x in 2021 vs 2019)

This echoes what Gen Z searched for during the pandemic, when mindful eating searches increased by 44%.


"Consumers can tell when you're being authentic about your values. Emphasise your own brand's impact—make sure customers know what you stand for. Small changes matter more than you might think, like making commitments to earth-friendly packaging or giving your teams volunteer time to help local causes."

The Emerging Entrepreneur

Emerging Entrepreneurs aren't happy with their work/life balance and have planned to pivot towards being their own boss. These people searched for:

  • Small business packaging ideas (98x increase in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Small business plan (23x increase in 2021 vs 2019)
  • Entrepreneur motivation (4x increase in 2021 vs 2019)

This is how you should take advantage of that:


"Inspire Pinners entering the entrepreneurial realm. Highlight products and budgeting software to help people finance their venture. Give people fashion and beauty tips to dress like a boss and share decor ideas to spruce up their home office."

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