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TikTok Search Ads Now In Beta

An industry insider has discovered a huge new update to TikTok ads that could result in better control over campaigns for marketers, more bottom of the funnel options and better ways to identify user interest and intent.

David Herrmann spotted that Search ads are being rolled out in the search section of TikTok. These ads are given a ‘sponsored’ label and appear in the ‘others searched for section’ of the app, within the top four results.

Brands take note: these ads need to look like regular TikTok videos otherwise you’re not going to get your audience interested in the video, so get thinking about how you can best mimic that style.

It’s a completely new way for marketers to reach customers, and it gives them the ability to expand an ad campaign to target specific questions people may have about your product. 

Once search ads are available to you, you will be able to see search term click data and conversion data from search terms – powerful data that brands should then use to inform their next campaign.

David Herrmann, Digital Media Buyer

“Once you have the ability to run ads in search results (in beta) on TikTok you can began to pull the search terms of the ads that converted. 

“Then…. make a list of those search terms and start putting those as titles in your top performing TikToks to get new life out of them.”

All marketers want is actionable data from which to make informed decisions, and search ads could hand them a treasure trove of interesting stuff. These ads, and the data collected from them, can be used to create even better adverts moving forward. What’s more – you can also optimise your TikTok marketing approach with them.

Early tests are working well

Early tests seem to be working well. Advertisers have discovered a few different genres of search ad, ranging from house cleaning tips searches to makeup tutorials. The best ads are made to solve customers’ problems, which helps to sell in the end.

David Herrmann, Digital Media Buyer

“Brands need to make “how tos”, etc of their products that solve specific problems. TikTok is an SEO gold mine. Make your ads solve problems, don’t just sell. Drive them to advertorial pages. 

“This is Pinterest 2.0, but better cause people buy.”

TikTok is perfect for product discovery

TikTok is a product discovery goldmine, and search ads is another way marketers can make the most of the platform – just look at #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt to see how successful the app is at convincing people to part with their money.

Community Commerce is what TikTok calls its word-of-mouth marketing that’s made possible based on its For You page. People go to the app to feel entertained, and when users watch fun and entertaining product adverts they feel more compelled to buy.

Community Commerce works because TikTok users connect deeply with their favourite creators, and when those creators feature products they are far more likely to buy them.

What’s more, its For You Page is powered by an algorithm that barely ever recommends bad content. So when people come across content or products via the community, they’re going to buy-in to it.

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

“Community Commerce, on the other hand, encourages audiences to create entertaining, compelling content that just so happens to feature brands. That content is then shared with and enjoyed by those creators’ trusted communities. 

“In essence, it’s the digitization of word-of-mouth marketing—and it empowers brands to form genuine connections with people in a way that drives awareness, favorability, and sales.”

Search ads are an extension of community commerce and allow for a unique, organic experience with your brand.

An Explore Ads copy?

In a funny twist of fate, given that Instagram normally looks to TikTok for ideas and inspiration, search ads look a little bit like Instagram Explore Ads.

Explore is where people go to find new content, shop and connect with creators or brands. Just like TikTok’s For You page, everyone has a unique Explore page.

Meta for Business

“Ads in Explore give advertisers an opportunity to extend their campaign to additional audiences and be part of what’s culturally relevant and trending, while reaching people who are looking to discover something new.”

Unlike Search ads, there is less capability for brands to collect data and use search results for content marketing purposes as there is no – or limited – search data that will be collected from these adverts. The Explore feed is designed to recommend content ‘serendipitously’ – to the detriment of some marketing efforts.

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