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Introducing the new Tiger Pistol

There aren’t many things in your career more satisfying than seeing an idea through to successful fruition. I can now safely say this is amplified tenfold when the idea is a world-first and so unique it’s patentable.

In 2011 I cofounded Tiger Pistol with the singular vision to help small businesses the world over achieve real, tangible success online. Just over 12 months ago, after getting feedback from thousands of customers on our first platform we came up with a groundbreaking idea.

The concept itself was (and still is) quite simple; much like crowdsourcing relies on information from a large group of people, what if you could use crowd intelligence when it came to social media marketing? That is, when you are creating posts, ads and offers in social media, wouldn’t it be amazing to have the information at your fingertips to know what worked for a massive volume of businesses just like yours all over the world?

With the Tiger Pistol platform, we took this idea one step further and invented a data engine that analyses your Facebook Page, recommends a focus and then actually creates the right combination of posts, ads and offers that you’ll need to get results based on the recommended focus. The posts, ads and offers are all prescheduled, configured and targeted. It even specifies what you need to write about in each one.

For example, the engine may look at a customer’s Facebook Page and determine that based on what has worked for other similar businesses, the customer should focus on growing their Facebook Fans. Posts and ads are created to achieve that goal and these activities are presented as actions in a To Do List.

Posts, ads and offers are prescheduled to publish at a specific time on a specific date. In the case of a post, the engine also recommends what the post be about. All the customer needs to do is fill in the content of the post (ie. the bit that is unique to their business). Tiger Pistol provides help with that by showing examples of great posts, and displaying some tips about writing great content.

Anyway, it’s an incredibly exciting time here at Tiger Pistol and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on for so long with the world! The first 14 days use is free so I’d love you to sign up and let me know what you think.

Steve Hibberd has over 15 years digital marketing experience and is currently Co-founder & CEO of Tiger Pistol. Steve has a passion for Social Marketing, and works closely with key industry stakeholders in both Australia and the U.S. on developing product to make success on social easier to achieve for small business owners and marketers across the world.

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