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Mobile before TV, the evolution of priority advertising

Facebook and mobile specific ads are more effective than adapting television ads to devices and the trend is reshaping how videos are formatted.

News feeds first and all others second

Facebook has been working with MetrixLab to better understand how ads work best in Facebook News Feed as a primary video format.

Different devices require different formats and this can add complications to content not being “feed-proof” when adapted to Facebook. MetrixLab, having tested 68 global video campaigns, found that only 8 (12%) transferred well to feeds.

The winning formula consisted of four steps.

  • Presenting the brand identity within the first three seconds.
  • Showing the brand for at least half the video.
  • Keep it short unless the ad demands length.
  • Present the message early for those who won’t stick through the whole viewing.

Building for other platforms

Instagram feeds also bring their own niche to ads, being perceived as creative, cool, fun, and inciting more surprise and excitement the Facebook.

Placement Optimisation is essential between both Instagram and Facebook in targeting specific audiences to reduce a campaign’s CPM. But for best success, video formats need be tested between both feeds to negate formatting issues.

After testing 80 video ads between both platforms, MetrixLab found only 50% to be feed-proof, as the rest ranged in problems, even so far as playing without sound.

Ads designed specifically for either platform, opposed to television or other formats, transferred well between the two platforms, which may reshape how advertisers prioritise the creation of future video campaings.

Do you consume more videos ads through your feeds? Which platform do you favour? Let us know if our comments below.

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