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[New Report] AI Marketing Skills Now A Must-Have

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing industry is accelerating.

According to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report by Microsoft and LinkedIn, AI skills have become indispensable for marketing professionals. This extensive study surveyed over 31,000 people across 31 countries, providing a comprehensive overview of how AI is transforming the marketing landscape.

AI as a Competitive Advantage

The report highlights the significant competitive advantage enjoyed by marketers who leverage AI.

Karim R. Lakhani, Chair Digital Data Design Institute, Harvard

“Marketers are harnessing the power of AI to work smarter, not just faster. It’s enabling them to focus on higher-value, creative work while automating more routine tasks.”

Employers’ preference for AI skills is evident. The survey reveals that 66% of business leaders would not consider hiring candidates without AI proficiency.

Furthermore, 71% expressed a preference for less experienced job seekers with AI skills over more seasoned professionals lacking such expertise. This trend is particularly pronounced in creative fields like marketing and design.

The Rise of AI Skills in Marketing

Michael Platt, Neuroscience Professor, Wharton School

“AI is redefining what it means to be a competitive marketer in today’s digital landscape. Professionals who can effectively integrate AI into their work are positioning themselves as invaluable assets to their organizations.”

The report indicates that early-career marketers who develop AI skills can benefit significantly, with 77% of leaders reporting that employees adept at leveraging AI are trusted with greater responsibilities earlier in their careers.

Data from LinkedIn supports this trend, showing a 17% increase in application growth for job postings highlighting AI tools and applications.

Additionally, 54% of early-career employees cited access to AI technologies as a key factor influencing their choice of employer. Organisations that provide AI training and support for their marketing teams are likely to attract top talent, further illustrating the shift in skills necessary for success in the industry.

The Impact of Generative AI

The report also illuminates the growing impact of generative AI technology.

Over the past six months, the use of generative AI has almost doubled, with 75% of global knowledge workers using AI tools in their daily tasks.

Nine in ten users report that AI helps them save time, focus on important work, and be more creative, aligning with tech giants’ pitches around emerging AI tools designed to handle mundane tasks.

However, concerns about job security persist. Nearly 80% of AI users bring their own AI tools to work, particularly at small and medium-sized companies.

Despite AI’s benefits, over half of these users worry that relying on AI for important tasks might make them appear replaceable. The report suggests that without company-wide AI adoption, data security may be at risk. Leaders who are familiar with AI plan to implement company-wide integrations, with expectations to redesign business processes and train AI bots.

The Future of Marketing in the AI Era

As AI transforms marketing approaches, professionals who fail to adapt risk being left behind. The report highlights the necessity of developing AI skills for career advancement and job market competitiveness. It also underscores the importance of businesses fostering an AI-driven culture by investing in AI tools, training, and employee support.

The report claims that marketing professionals should prioritise developing AI skills through courses, workshops, and hands-on experience to succeed in the AI era. Experimenting with new AI tools and techniques, integrating them into daily workflows, and actively sharing AI knowledge with colleagues can foster a culture of knowledge sharing and drive organisational AI adoption.

Additionally, during job searches, highlighting AI capabilities and demonstrating successful AI-driven results can enhance career prospects. Choosing employers committed to AI adoption, providing access to cutting-edge AI tools, and supporting ongoing learning can help marketing professionals future-proof their careers in an increasingly competitive field.

The 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report underscores that AI proficiency is no longer optional but essential for marketing success in the digital age.

AI Adoption and Employee Well-being

The rapid integration of AI into workplaces reflects a broader trend towards increased efficiency and employee satisfaction. The report indicates that 90% of users believe AI helps them save time, 85% feel it allows them to focus on important work, and 84% find it enhances their creativity. These statistics underline the transformative potential of AI in improving job satisfaction and productivity.

Despite these benefits, the pressure to show immediate ROI is slowing down AI adoption at the organisational level.

While 79% of leaders agree on the necessity of adopting AI to remain competitive, 59% struggle with quantifying its productivity gains. This uncertainty often results in a lack of a clear plan or vision for implementing AI, with 60% of leaders expressing concern over their organisation’s ability to integrate AI effectively.

The Shift in the Labour Market

AI is not only changing how work is done but also who does it. Leaders report a talent shortage for key roles, with 55% concerned about filling positions in the coming year. This shortage is particularly acute in fields such as cybersecurity, engineering, and creative design. As a result, AI skills are becoming a crucial differentiator in the job market.

Interestingly, while 45% of professionals worry about AI replacing their jobs, an equal percentage are considering career changes, seeing AI skills as a pathway to new opportunities.

In the past six months, LinkedIn has recorded a 160% increase in the use of AI-related courses among non-technical professionals, highlighting a significant upskilling trend.

Embracing AI for Future Success

For organisations to harness the full potential of AI, a strategic approach is essential.

Leaders who are well-versed in AI recognise its potential to revolutionise business processes. Within the next five years, 41% expect to redesign their operations around AI, while 38% anticipate managing a team of AI bots.

The rise of AI power users—those who extensively use AI tools and see significant benefits—illustrates the transformative impact of AI on work patterns. These power users save more than 30 minutes daily through AI, boosting their creativity and focus. Their habits, such as experimenting with AI and integrating it into daily workflows, provide a model for broader organisational adoption.

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