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Meta Introduces New Engaged View Attribution for Video Ads

Meta has improved its video ad attribution thanks to a new performance measurement called engaged view, which takes into account actions that take place up to 24 hours following a completed session.

Advertisers can now measure for conversions that happen within one day of a video ad play, as long as 97% of a 10 second video is watched, or your video is watched for at least 10 seconds.

Better data = better analysis

The new attribution will marketers better analyse ad performance and can provide extra data with which to make informed decisions about video ad campaigns.

Need more info on engaged view? Here’s how Meta describes it.


“Engaged-view is a non-click conversion attribution that measures conversions occurring after a person views a substantial portion of a skippable video ad, and converts within 24 hours.”


Previously, advertisers weren’t able to attribute conversions made within a 24-hour viewing window to their video ad campaigns, so this changes the game in that respect.

Engaged view in action

Here’s a fine example of how the new attribution works, again provided by Meta.


“Sharon sees a video ad for an on-demand yoga class in Instagram Stories. She played the ad for more than ten seconds instead of skipping to the next story. After viewing other content, the next day she remembers the video and signs up for the on-demand yoga class.


“In this scenario, Sharon signing up for the yoga class the next day would be attributed to the campaign as an engaged-view conversion.”


The business case

Meta says that the new engaged view will bring three new benefits to advertisers.

  1. Marketers can now make better decisions and optimise for actions beyond a click, which will help identify customers who may convert in the future and drive campaign performance.
  2. There will be more insights into a person’s journey with your ads, which can help advertisers understand the journey better.
  3. Engaged view can help marketers measure and understand ad performance, which can help give a better understanding of the value of video ads.

As well as those three points, a Meta study of 15 A/B tests shows that engaged-view attribution can help reduce cost-per-result ads by 3% when compared to Click Through or Click Through + View-Through ads.

Set it up

Here’s how you can set it up.

  1. Create a new campaign in Meta Ads Manager and select either sales, leads or engagement as a campaign objective.
  2. Name your campaign and select categories, before hitting Next.
  3. Select Website as a conversion location and enter the required fields.
  4. Under Cost per result goal, click show more options.
  5. Under Click-through, select 1-day or 7-day.
  6. Under Engaged-view, select 1-day.
  7. Under View-through, select none or 1-day.
  8. Then go through any additional settings before hitting publish.

Engaged view reporting

If you select click-through, view-through and engaged-view in the creation flow, you’ll be able to see the same attribution settings column in Ads Manager.


“For example, if you select click-through + view-through + engaged-view attribution settings in ads creation and have five 1-day click-through conversions, fifteen 1-day view-through conversions and three 1-day engaged-view conversions, you will see 20 as the total conversions in the results column of Ads Manager reporting.”

Advertisers can then see conversion results from engaged-view by selecting Compare attribution settings and picking 1-day engaged view.

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