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Google Brings New Generative AI To Search Ads

Soon marketers will be able to use Google’s generative AI tool Gemini to create adverts by telling it the URL of your website or landing page.

Once it has that information, it will get to work creating ad content, including creatives and keywords, based on the contents of the URL provided. Advertisers can then use the conversational nature of the tool to flesh out campaign goals, ideas for ad content and target audiences. Of course, final approval will rest in human hands.

What is Gemini?

Gemini is Google’s largest and most advanced AI model. It can run across various platforms and networks, from data centers to mobile phones, and can combine different types of information – such as text, code, audio, image and video.

And now, it’s being used to help people efficiently use Google’s main products and services.

Shashi Thakur, VP & GM in Google Ads (Search Ads & Ads on Google Experiences)

“The conversational experience workflow is designed to help you build better Search campaigns through a chat-based experience. It combines your expertise with Google AI. All you need to start is your website URL and Google AI will help you create optimized Search campaigns by generating relevant ad content, including creatives and keywords.”

It should be noted that this feature is still in beta mode and is only available to English language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K – however, Google has said it will roll it out to English language advertisers in the coming weeks.

People who have used it already are saying good things about Gemini, especially the conversational aspect of the AI.

Tom Foster, Paid Search Manager, Page1, via Search Engine Journal

“I found the conversational experience very easy to use. It helped me create even more high-quality ads with ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ Ad Strength, which has further improved the performance of my campaigns.”

Create images and copy

Google is talking the big talk about Gemini, saying that it’s an excellent tool for all types of content creation – including images. The AI will suggest images specific to your campaign, using the images supplied on your landing page for inspiration. Advertisers will get the chance to approve images before they go live.

With that in mind, it’ll be really important to make sure your landing page is up to scratch. As Gemini will use it to base ad material from, your copy needs to be crisp and your images need to be compelling.

Better ads, better returns

One of the early benefits Google has noticed is that generative AI ad creation lets advertisers build better campaigns with less effort.

Shashi Thakur, VP & GM in Google Ads (Search Ads & Ads on Google Experiences)

“Our data shows that small business advertisers that use the conversational experience in Google Ads are 42% more likely to publish Search campaigns with “Good” or “Excellent” Ad Strength. This is significant because we’ve found a strong correlation between Ad Strength and conversions. For example, advertisers who improve Ad Strength for their responsive search ads from “Poor” to “Excellent” see 12% more conversions on average.”

As Ad Strength is an excellent predictor of conversion rates, producing adverts with ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ scores means that marketers will experience a better return on investment for their campaigns and hopefully more sales.

Other features in the pipeline

Google has recently released other AI tools – such as a new features for Chrome, like generative AI wallpapers and help with writing. It’s also unveiled ‘Circle to Search’ for Android users, which allows users to search anything on their phone without switching apps.

Looking ahead, Google says it has new cases and new opportunities under constant evaluation and reiterated that its committed to being responsible with AI. 

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