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Meta Releases Advanced Generative AI Capabilities For Ad Creation

Meta is expanding its suite of creative tools with the introduction of more sophisticated generative AI capabilities for ads.

The latest enhancements include advanced text and image generation, creative expansion, text overlays, and a centralised hub of AI tools within Ads Manager, among other features. This upgrade aims to provide advertisers with more dynamic and efficient ways to craft their campaigns.

Generative AI: Image Generation

Enhanced Image Variations

The updated tools allow advertisers to generate diverse and bespoke images from their original ad creatives. This AI-powered feature facilitates the creation of varied backgrounds and styles, making advertisements more tailored and appealing to different audience segments.

Meta Newsroom, May 2024

“For example, imagine you are promoting your coffee bean business by advertising a steaming cup of coffee, our generative AI will be able to create other variations of your ad creative, including scenery that embodies a lush and idyllic farm, and also provide adjustments to the coffee cup to offer you more creative options you can choose.”

Text Overlays and Image Expansion

Alongside visual variety, the update also introduces the ability to apply text overlays with a selection of font options and to adapt images to seamlessly fit various digital formats and aspect ratios. This adaptability ensures that advertisements are optimised for viewing across different devices and social media platforms, enhancing user engagement.

Generative AI: Text Generation

Dynamic Text Creation

In addition to visual enhancements, Meta has refined its text generation capabilities to produce more engaging and creative ad copy, including headlines and primary texts. The imminent integration of Meta’s advanced Llama 3 model is expected to further refine this feature, aligning the generated text closely with a brand’s unique voice and tone.

Customised and Relevant Content

Utilising historical campaign data, the AI generates text that not only embodies the brand’s essence but also resonates more effectively with the target audience. This targeted approach aims to increase ad engagement and conversion rates significantly.

Business Implications and Benefits

Increased Efficiency and Scalability: By automating significant parts of the creative process, these tools lessen the labour and time needed to produce effective advertisements. Advertisers can swiftly generate numerous ad variations, allowing them to experiment with different creative strategies to identify the most effective one.

Enhanced Creativity and Engagement: The ability to generate customised and diverse ad elements empowers businesses to push creative boundaries without substantial resource expenditure, fostering innovation and potentially leading to higher engagement rates.

Improved Ad Performance and ROI: Feedback from early adopters like Casetify, who reported a 13% increase in return on ad spend due to AI-generated background features, underscores the potential for these tools to enhance financial outcomes.

Meta Newsroom, May 2024

“These updated generative AI features – and our currently available creative enhancements – will be available in Ads Manager through Advantage+ creative, supporting businesses along the entire ad campaign creation journey.

By bringing all of our generative AI features together in one place, you will be able to see the benefits of automation and generative AI at the same time. That means faster ad creation and better performance.”

In addition to generative AI tools, Meta has recently updated several Meta Advantage products that you can use today:

  • Advantage+ creative optimizations: Optimises video ads for viewing on Reels or the mobile Facebook and Instagram apps with 9:16 ratio when using visual touch-ups.
  • Advantage+ catalog ads: Delivers product recommendations to people based on their interests. Advertisers are now able to import and use creatives like branded videos or customer demonstration videos instead of just static images. After previously announcing the testing of this feature last year, Meta is now allowing all global advertisers to provide more engaging product information to shoppers in dynamic and customised videos.
  • Advantage+ creative with Advantage+ catalog ads: Advertisers are now able to upload a “hero” image or video in the centre of their catalog ad, and Meta will then use its AI to dynamically show people the best products from their catalog to drive performance. Marketers can use this tool by clicking add catalog items under Advantage+ creative within Ads Manager.

Meta Newsroom, May 2024

“As generative AI tools continue to be rolled out more broadly, advertisers are increasingly seeing positive results when combining Generative AI and our Advantage+ products. For example, Fresh, a beauty and skincare brand, obtained 5x incremental return of ads spend, and 42% incremental conversions by running Advantage+ shopping campaigns with Shops ads and Generative AI text variations in Ads Manager.”

Meta Verified for Business Expansion

Meta is expanding its Meta Verified program for businesses, initially tested in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, to include additional regions such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy.

This expansion reflects insights gained from initial testing, which highlighted the value small businesses place on tools that enhance credibility and customer engagement.

Meta Verified offers a subscription toolkit designed to help businesses build trust and achieve their goals on apps like Facebook, Instagram, and soon, WhatsApp. The service includes a verified badge, account support, and impersonation monitoring, with plans to introduce more tools for profile enhancements and connection facilitation.

Meta is now diversifying its subscription plans to cater to a broader range of business needs, ensuring comprehensive support and safety checks throughout the verification process. This ongoing development aims to continually add value for subscribers and enhance user confidence in verified accounts.

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