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[New Study] LinkedIn Engagement Up 44%

After almost a decade on the sidelines, LinkedIn is rapidly becoming a priority platform for many organisations, according to a recent Social Insider study.

The 2024 LinkedIn Benchmarks Study has unveiled some useful trends for communicators, notably a significant 44% year-on-year increase in engagement rates.

The benchmark focuses on Pages with between 1,000 and 1 million followers to eliminate any outliers that could skew average engagement or impressions.

Multi-image Posts Lead

LinkedIn’s engagement surge is particularly noteworthy amidst a general decline in social media engagement, positioning LinkedIn as a fertile platform for brands seeking attention.

However, there is some nuance to this, as the rise in LinkedIn engagement is not evenly distributed across all content types.

LinkedIn posts incorporating multiple images have emerged as the front runners, commanding substantial engagement compared to other formats. This trend underscores the evolving preferences of LinkedIn’s user base, which increasingly favours rich, visually stimulating content that can convey complex messages succinctly.

Multi-image posts lead in engagement by volume of likes and comments, especially among profiles with substantial followings. The average likes for such posts stand at 45, with comments averaging around four per post. Mimicking the strong results that Carousel posts enjoy on Instagram.

LinkedIn Video Is Climbing 

Another content type that has seen notable traction is video. While not the most engaging in terms of direct interactions, videos have the highest share rates on LinkedIn. This is particularly true for accounts with large followings, highlighting the role of video content in boosting brand visibility and broadening user reach.

It is reasonable to expect LinkedIn’s video focus to grow further through 2024, as it has with other social platforms. LinkedIn is reportedly testing its own TikTok-style feed.

Techcrunch March 2024

“LinkedIn is testing a new TikTok-like short-form video feed, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Wednesday. With this new test, LinkedIn joins numerous other popular apps that have launched their own short-form video feeds following TikTok’s rise in popularity, including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Netflix.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn says videos are becoming one of its users’ desired formats for learning from professionals and experts, which is why it’s testing a new way for users to discover relevant videos. The feature is in early testing, so most people won’t have access to it just yet.”

In addition to these content-specific insights, the study reveals a broader strategic shift among brands on LinkedIn: a 10% increase in posting frequency, with brands now averaging 18 posts per month. This consistent, frequent engagement with the platform is likely a key driver behind the overall increase in engagement rates, suggesting that LinkedIn’s algorithms favour regular contributors.

Polls have emerged as a significant engagement tool, generating the highest impression rates in 2024. Their interactive nature not only boosts visibility but also engages users in a meaningful way, allowing them to express opinions and participate in discussions. This finding is aligned with the broader trend of interactive content gaining prominence on social media platforms.

The study also highlights the effectiveness of posts with multiple images paired with short captions—specifically those under 19 words. This combination has proven most effective in maximising engagement, suggesting that when it comes to LinkedIn, brevity combined with visual appeal is key.

Social Insider Blog, March 2024

“Multiple images are a common denominator across all caption length brackets. So even if your captions run longer than 19 words, adding multiple images to your posts will still bring you more engagement than any other post type.”

Key Takeaways

For brands looking to refine their LinkedIn strategy, the study offers several actionable takeaways:

  • Leverage multi-image and video posts to enhance engagement and shareability.
  • Engage your audience with interactive content like polls to boost impressions and visibility.
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule to stay top of mind and favourably engage with LinkedIn’s algorithms.
  • Analyse audience interactions to tailor content that resonates with different user segments.

Expanding on these insights, the importance of personalisation in content cannot be overstated. Tailoring posts to reflect the interests and needs of your target audience can further enhance engagement. Understanding the demographics of your followers, their industries, and their professional challenges allows for more targeted, relevant content that resonates on a deeper level.

Furthermore, investing in employee advocacy programmes can amplify your brand’s voice on LinkedIn. Encouraging employees to share and create content related to your brand can expand reach and authenticity, making your company’s presence more dynamic and approachable.

An easy way to stay on staff’s radar is via the “My Company” tab.

The My Company tab on a LinkedIn page gives employees of an organisation the opportunity to view coworker milestones, stock information (if applicable), engage with trending coworker posts and the company-recommended content, and connect with other employees through dynamic suggestions.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

“Whether you’re in HR running a talent brand, in marketing managing a corporate brand, or in sales selling products, socially engaged employees help drive key business outcomes.

Engaged employees influence:

– 8x more Company Page views

– 4x more Company Page followers

– 7x more job views, and 4x more job applications”

Lastly, it is crucial for brands to stay abreast of LinkedIn’s evolving algorithms and features. Regularly updating your strategy to incorporate new tools and adapting to changes in the platform’s user interface and functionality can help maintain a competitive edge.

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