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Martech Mashup: Instagram Ad Campaigns for MailChimp

Do you use Instagram and MailChimp?
Then read on to learn about the new Instagram Ad Campaigns from the email client.

Gram to Go

MailChimp launched Facebook Ad Campaigns a few months ago, with the Instagram version working much in the same way.
Creating an Instagram Ad mirrors the process of building an email campaign. This means a lot of drag and drop, and no graphic design degree required.

Targeting and ROI

MailChimp scans your email list to suggest existing customers you might want to target. It can also provide suggestions for new users, based on similar profiles to your best customers.
If you connect your store to MailChimp, you can see the ROI of your ad including items sold, subscribers added, and customers acquired.
And as a final sweetener, you can also create your Instagram and Facebook ads for MailChimp in the one place, without attracting additional fees.

Do you use MailChimp or a similar service for advertising? Let us know how it went in the Comments.

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