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Digital Strategy Training Courses

Digital Strategy Training Courses (30 day access)


Strategy Course – Unlocking Snapchat & TikTok Marketing (30-day Access)

Get under the skin of Snapchat and TikTok marketing. Covering ads, strategic thinking, channel set up and maximising organic reach both platforms.

Strategy Course – Social Media Advertising Masterclass (30-day Access)

Get beyond just “boosting posts” and produce high converting social ad funnels. Master the platforms’ ads manager and finally see a meaningful return on social ad spend.

Strategy Course – Digital Marketing Evaluation: Social Analytics, Pixels & Attribution (30-day Access)

Learn how to analyse and evaluate your digital marketing campaigns using best practices and the most effective tools & techniques.

Strategy Course – Email Marketing Masterclass: Data, Design & CRM (30-day Access)

From copywriting to data. Deliverability to Automation. Discover why email good email design is not enough and how you can boost your email performance.

Strategy Course – Google Analytics Masterclass (30-day Access)

Everything you need to know to set up Google Analytics and track your site’s performance accurately.

Strategy Course – Facebook Marketing Masterclass (30-day Access)

Get past just ‘building likes’ and finally see Facebook ROI. Start using Facebook to change behaviour, nurture leads, drive traffic and sales.