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March 2018

Android gets Enterprise-Friendly

Google is implementing a new recommendation program to make Android development more intuitive for businesses. Google certified To curtail the trickery in choosing the right Android device ideal for a particular business, Google has unveiled the Android Enterprise Recommended program. The new program is designed to help IT departments select Google devices that have been …

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Instagram plays with new Portrait Mode

Instagram is expanding its shutter modes by quietly testing a new Portrait feature designed specifically for the Stories camera. Move over Boomerang and Superzoom Hidden amongst Instagram’s Android Application Package, developers have unearthed a new shutter feature incorporating lighting and bokeh effects. When opening the Stories camera, an icon will overlay the shutter button and …

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Instagram hints at Voice and Video Calling

Instagram is making a move toward real-time communication, as programmers have discovered telling code hidden deep within the company’s Android Application Packages. Lookout Messenger and Skype As the tug-of-war continues between Snapchat and Instagram, it seems the latter is determined to move beyond cloning each other’s features and offer Direct message voice and video calling. …

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Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce join…forces

In a bid to connect ad data, marketing, and sales, Google Optimize is offering a full picture of advertising metrics for campaigns, websites, emails, and more. Clear, concise, and comprehensive Google is streamlining advertisement analytics for businesses of all sizes by adding higher “experiment limits” as apart of the new 360 and Salesforce powered Google …

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Study: They Don’t Share ‘Em Like They Used To

A recently released study has a stern message for content managers: social engagement is trending down. Finger on the engagement and referrals BuzzSumo’s Content Trends Report 2018 has revealed that ‘Content engagement, such as shares, likes, and comments on social networks, has halved since 2015.’ Further, it has found that referral traffic from social sources …

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Facebook works Local for Subscriptions

The Facebook Journalism Project: Local New Subscriptions Accelerator has been announced to help metro newspapers transition into the digital age. $3 million pilot project In the twilight of the print industry, publishers are adopting a new model of digital subscription essential to the sustainability of their business and Facebook is providing a guide to drive …

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