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July 2018

New Admin Group Settings for WhatsApp

Group descriptions, security against members continuously rejoining after leaving, and a “catch up feature” are all among the latest improvements for WhatsApp. You seem familiar Admins can now send group-wide messages to make announcements, making it easier to keep a large base informed. WhatsApp’s latest announcement leans heavily into the suggestion of parent-teacher relations, community centres, and …

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Martech Mashup: Google approves Alternative Metrics

No, Google is not steering the USA away from feet and inches: they’re launching Google Measurement Partners. Partners young and old The announcement heralds a contingent of third-party services that they reckon have something to offer folks who want something other than the G mainstream. At the moment, 23 partner logos grace the launch press …

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Facebook reconsiders Cryptocurrency

It seems Facebook is backpedaling on its blanket ban over cryptocurrency advertisements, in a stark reversal from its previous stance. No wooden nickels Having put an end to cryptocurrency ads as far back as January, Facebook is pivoting to allow crypto ads from pre-approved advertisers in certain circumstances. Originally, Facebook considered ads regarding coin offerings, …

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Pinterest expands its Marketing Partners

Visual storytelling and the ability to measure its effectiveness has become a mainstay for advertisers, so Pinterest is announcing new creative development tools for brands. Artful lightning in a bottle Creative PMPs (Pinterest Marketing Partners) are planned to allow businesses to scale how they create Pinterest content and integrate with the existing inhouse marketing specialists. Some of …

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Chrome goes VR

Google has announced plans to give its Chrome web browser the virtual reality experience. WebVR Back at Google’s big I/O convention in 2017, Google announced its plans for VR experimentation and is putting its plan into action by bringing the major update to Daydream devices. While Facebook’s Oculus continues to drive news with its mobile …

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