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November 2018

Three Partners with Social Media

UK based mobile network Three is running platform-specific promotions through Snapchat and Tinder for the next three months. 1…2…Three! Three is hoping to persuade customers that it’s more than a utility service by sponsoring AR lenses and a gimmick Tinder profile of Henry VIII and his ex-wives, with a bold new cross-platform promotion. Instagram is …

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Content, Commerce, and Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is getting creative with its digital marketing, and buzz is building behind the brand’s strategy. You must be at least this cool. Tommy Hilfiger is unlocking more behind-the-scenes-styled ads with the more friends you invite, through Hilfiger’s new SideFlix app. Combining social interaction with a shoppable experience, users can click a link to …

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Snapchat goes 2D

The latest lens from Snapchat creation tools is bringing 2D objects to life in augmented reality. Photos with panache Snapchat wants users to interact with new advertisements by “unlocking” signs and posters to reveal hidden animations and more. The real genius behind the new feature is the embedded marker tracking feature that allows 2D items …

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Facebook launches Branded Content Tags

In an effort to further improve transparency, Facebook is updating its tags option to include their newest brand partners. Fancy tags Back in 2016, Facebook introduced Branded Content tags. Now the system features labels that clearly define a Paid Partnership. With ‘Paid Partnership’ being a retool of Facebook’s previous ‘Paid’ tag, Facebook can still offer the …

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Facebook fed up with Clickbait

Facebook’s launching a crackdown on any ads with sensationalist language and misleading rhetoric. More than talk Facebook’s latest announcement to demote malicious content introduces a new system of penalisation for advertisers not adhering to the new code of conduct. Back in May of 2017, Facebook announced it was going to actively target shocking and disruptive …

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Would you buy a car via Messenger? Renault thinks so

Marketers are beginning to really test the viability of AI assisted selling, and now car manufacturers are getting in on the action. Hop in Using Messenger as a sort of spontaneous marketplace, Renault Italy will be selling a limited-edition SUV exclusively through Facebook's messaging app. Renault has created an animated advertisement being promoted through Instagram …

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